Two 2 Tango

Selected works to give you a glimpse of my first finished project “Two 2 Tango: Dancing floral bokehs”.

It is a series of abstracted art photographs.

The artwork in “Two 2 Tango” is influenced by the mix of the impressionist style conceived and cultured by Monet, the unique blend of colours and lines flowing into streams of emotions created by Van Gogh, broken tile architectural mosaics by Gaudi, Kandinsky’s “Compositions” where dynamic movement of elements seem to bring them so fearsomely close to electrifying contact, and, of course, by the energy of tango music and dance.

All of the 11 diptych abstract works in this project have been created from author’s own photographs of full blooming flowers, which are zoomed down to extract some of the most wonderful patterns or forms created by nature and then brought onto single canvas almost touching each other and ready to swirl into the game of love. Just like two partners dancing tango in front of you.

In line with this game of nature, the project name also contains a word play. Well known expression – “It takes two to tango”, calls for diptych pictures, while “Two 2 Tango” intentional short-spelling calls for 22 tangos, but in author’s view each partner, while dancing in pair, still lives inside own dance. That’s how 22 Tangos make 11 pairs all dancing to the name of Love.