One Euro Italy

Il grande spirito del paesi piccoli

One Euro Italy is Serge’s new ongoing photographic project, which he would like to be different from traditional photojournalistic drama. It is author’s visual representation of a natural phenomenon ‘cased by population migration from towns and villages to cities. The project is presented through author’s direct social engagement with people and collecting stories about those places. The author hopes it will be a true portrayal of the essence and feel of the vast part of Italy so often shadowed by its own incredible landmarks and majestic shorelines.

It all started in early 2017 with Serge being deeply worried about a dark destiny of small nearly abandoned Italian communities. He set out to find and photograph some beauty in that darkness, but he found something else. He found the beauty in the light. It was the light of people’s spirit.

And now, author’s goal is to reveal that great spirit of fabulous people, who still keep their tiny localities alive, delightful and welcoming, despite the fact they might be the last souls inhabiting these villages. Let’s hope not!

Since Italy already has more UNESCO heritage sites than any other country on Earth, it’s very unlikely any of those tiny charming communities will ever be added to the big list – one of the reasons author thinks they are endangered cultural and historical heritage our world can loose forever! In an effort to reverse that, some regional municipal governments made first steps towards preservation by starting “House for one euro” ( program, which is now being supported by Italian government. While it is true that some properties in participating villages could be purchased for one euro, most of them are ruins in need of total restoration from the ground up. Not an easy task and no wonder there’s not too many potential buyers bidding on that kind of properties. Can author change that? Hard to say, but he is trying… to at least shed some light.

By showcasing the beauty of these places, the lifestyle, the love and care of people who live there, Serge puts up a wake up call to tell people that these are still an incredible communities to live, enjoy life, restore and save them. Because if we do nothing to preserve that heritage now, before too long many of them, if not all, will become ruins – “one euro” properties, in other words. Hence the name of Serge’s project.


The exhibition of selected photographs takes place from May 8th to 29th, 2018 at Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery in Columbus Centre, Toronto. Click here to visit Gallery’s website.  This show is part of Open Exhibition Program at Annual Scotia CONTACT Photography Festival.

ATTENTION! You can be a part of this project!
Sponsorship opportunities with Limited Edition Large Prints and books as rewards are available. Only a few spots. Please, call or email for details.

Kickstarter fundraising campaign to help with design and publishing of high quality book starts on May 3rd, 2018. More details to be announced at the exhibition’s opening reception, web and social media.

Stay tuned!