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Project Brief

One Euro Italy takes spectators on a 1,000-mile journey through tiny communities in the Italian regions of Piemonte, Liguria, Toscana, Marche, Abruzzo, and Sicilia. It’s the author’s visual quest to depict the consequences of natural inhabitants’ migration from small communities to cities and other countries. Presented through Tesker’s interaction with amazing people still living in these tiny localities, his photographic story talks about their spirit and captivating energy of their villages, rather than portraying a dark destiny of places becoming nearly abandoned.

Project Statement

One Euro Italy: il grande spirito del paese piccoli  is Serge’s photographic project, which he would like to be different from traditional photojournalistic dramas. It is author’s visual representation of a natural phenomenon ‘cased by population migration from towns and villages to cities. The project is presented through author’s direct social engagement with people and collecting stories about those places. The author hopes it is a true portrayal of the essence and poetry of the vast part of Italy so often shadowed by its own incredible landmarks and majestic shorelines.

It all started in early 2017 with Serge being deeply worried about some dark destiny of small nearly abandoned Italian communities. He set out to find and photograph some beauty in that darkness, but he found something else. He found the beauty in the light. It was the light of people’s spirit.

On his next 4,600km trip through Italy, Serge went with the new goal – to reveal that great spirit of fabulous people, who still keep their tiny localities alive, delightful and welcoming, despite the fact they might be the last souls inhabiting these villages.

Since Italy already has more UNESCO heritage sites than any other country on Earth, it’s very unlikely any of those tiny charming communities will ever be added to the big list – one of the reasons author thinks they are endangered cultural and historical heritage our world can loose forever! In an effort to reverse that, some regional municipal governments made first steps towards preservation by starting “House for one euro” ( program, which is now being supported by Italian government. While it is true that some properties in participating villages could be purchased for one euro, most of them are ruins in need of total restoration from the ground up. Not an easy task and no wonder there’s not too many potential buyers bidding on that kind of properties.

By showcasing the beauty of these places, the lifestyle, the love and care of people who live there, Serge puts up a wake up call to tell people that these are still an incredible communities to live, enjoy life, restore and save them. Because if we do nothing to preserve that heritage now, before too long many of them, if not all, will become ruins – “one euro” properties, in other words. Hence the name of Serge’s project.

Solo exhibition of selected project photographs was held from May 4th to 29th, 2018 at Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery in Columbus Centre, Toronto and was included in Open Exhibition Program of CONTACT Photography Festival.



TORONTO – APRIL 2018 – Villa Charities will present Russian-born artist Sergey Tesker’s exhibition, “One Euro Italy,” from May 4 – 28, 2018. As part of the Open Exhibition Program for the 2018 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, the exhibition will be held at Toronto’s Columbus Centre in the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, which is free and open to the public Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
“One Euro Italy” refers to a public campaign launched in Italy by mayors of remote villages called “Un euro per una casa.” To arrest the process of decay and depopulation caused by trends of emigration and urbanization, homes and buildings are being sold for the symbolic price of one euro. The offer comes with a legally binding commitment by the owner to restore the properties within three years of the purchase.
“The beautiful images on display tell stories of remote Italian villages and the people who call them home,” said Emanuele Lepri, Executive Director of Cultural Programming, Villa Charities. “The artwork produced by Sergey in his journey through Italy is very relevant to the community we serve.”
Tesker, intrigued by this innovative and surprising idea, embarked on a journey to explore and photograph these towns, villages and hamlets, far away and overshadowed by the many tourist attractions that make Italy the country with the highest number of UNESCO-listed heritage sites in the world. Tesker’s journey shifts the focus from buildings and nature to the people who still inhabit these remote communities. The humanity, simplicity, resilience and warmth of those few remarkable individuals who still care and keep these communities alive becomes the subject of this vivid visual narrative.
“Originally, I set out on this artistic journey to capture the architecture, landscape and beauty of these remote villages,” said Tesker. “But as soon as I arrived I found myself fascinated by the people.”
Villa Charities is proud to present Tesker’s work as it connects directly to the experience of emigration and identity in their community; the patrons and their ancestors who left those very towns in search of a better future for themselves and their families in Canada. His work speaks to a common past and raises awareness of an important initiative – one that will hopefully breathe new life into remote yet beautiful villages and towns in Italy.
For more information on the “One Euro Italy” exhibition, visit

Villa Charities Inc. is a registered charity and non-profit organization that celebrates and promotes the Italian Heritage, Culture, Language, Arts, Food and Family Values. For almost 50 years across the GTA, Villa Charities has provided care for seniors and offered educational and cultural programs in music, dance, visual arts, culinary arts, athletics and more. The Villa Charities family includes Villa Colombo Homes for the Aged Inc. in Toronto; Villa Colombo Vaughan/Di Poce Centre; Caboto Terrace, Casa Del Zotto and Casa Abruzzo apartments for independent seniors; the Columbus Centre; and Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery. 


Watch OMNI News Italian video about the exhibition HERE and the Exhibition Opening Reception video by Bruce Outridge Productions HERE.



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43°30’38.2”N 12°50’56.2”E; Cabernardi, Le Marche. Machinery hall of abandoned sulphur mine lies in ruins being slowly taken over by mother nature. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°30’42.2”N 12°50’35.4”E; Cantarino, Le Marche. Ninety one year old Maria who lives alone in former miners’ village, talks about her experience with hip replacement surgery. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°29’40.7”N 12°50’35.0”E; Rotondo, Le Marche. Hamlet of Rotondo in Le Marche has about six inhabitants through most of the yearLimited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°29’40.7”N 12°50’35.0”E; Rotondo, Le Marche. Wooden cross silently supports the statement on the plaque: Rotondo is the most beautiful village in the worldLimited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°29’39.6”N 12°50’31.9”E; Rotondo, Le Marche. The wooden bench in someone’s yard at the end of Via dei Belli. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°29’40.7”N 12°50’35.6”E; Rotondo, Le Marche. A man with his dog at the door of a community kitchen, which hosts over a hundred people when Rotondesi visit from all over the world every AugustLimited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°29’40.7”N 12°50’35.6”E; Rotondo, Le Marche. Woman tries to reason with her neighbour’s pooch – a street performance worthy of La Scala stage. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°29’41.0”N 12°50’34.6”E; Rotondo, Le Marche. Bell tower and roof of Chiesa di San Cristoforo. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°38’20.4”N 9°10’22.8”E; Cartasegna, Ligure. Squeezed between mountain peaks in Piemonte sits this hamlet with an unknown population. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°37’04.9”N 9°10’31.9”E; Carrega Ligure, Ligure. The bell tower of Chiesa di San Giuliano and Cellular Network Tower compliment each other well in this village of only 84 people. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°36’47.9”N 9°10’56.7”E; Carrega Ligure, Ligure. Slippery pathway to the ruins of Castello Malaspina Fieschi Doria. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’29.8”N 9°14’51.1”E; Montebruno, Ligure. Stone bridge over the river Trebbia leads from the village centre to the Santuario di Nostra Signora. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’30.7”N 9°14’51.0”E; Montebruno, Ligure. This ruin next to the bridge over Trebbia could be someone’s chance to become a two hundred & forty first inhabitant of the village. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’32.8”N 9°14’52.5”E; Montebruno, Ligure. Pietro – the eldest son of Carlo and Ida Barbieri, pulls out a fresh loaf from their heritage wood fired oven. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’32.8”N 9°14’52.5”E; Montebruno, Ligure. Ida is about to bring fresh baked bread upstairs to the shelves of their family store, with apricot jam pies to follow. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’32.8”N 9°14’52.5”E; Montebruno, Ligure. Ida and Carlo – the third generation of family owners at Panificio e Alimentari da CarloLimited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’32.8”N 9°14’52.5”E; Montebruno, Ligure. A pie to die for from masters of wood fired bakery since 1886. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’33.7”N 9°14’48.5”E; Montebruno, Ligure. Talented rock band drummer and carpenter Michelangelo is at full concentration in Yggdrasill – his family owned woodworking shop. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’33.7”N 9°14’48.5”E; Montebruno, Ligure. Michelangelo’s girlfriend Sara, who moved to the village from Genova, decorates wooden box with pyrography. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’33.7”N 9°14’48.5”E; Montebruno, Ligure. Sergio – former mayor of Montebruno and Michelangelo’s father, is making sure everything runs smoothly. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’33.7”N 9°14’48.5”E; Montebruno, Ligure. Due gufi (two owls): Sergio with his creation against the shop wall built in 16th century. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°31’33.7”N 9°14’48.5”E; Montebruno, Ligure. Michelangelo and Sara in front of their shop. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°03’03.4”N 10°23’06.0”E; Vergemoli, Toscana. At 660 meters above the sea level, but only 45 km from Lucca – it’s a paradise for about 200 vergemoliniLimited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°59’49.0”N 10°25’40.2”E; Fabbriche di Vergemoli, Toscana. Bell tower of San Giacomo Apostolo in village centre. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°59’47.4”N 10°25’28.1”E; Fabbriche di Vergemoli, Toscana. Federico the miller shows the chestnut cores he is about to mill. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°59’47.4”N 10°25’28.1”E; Fabbriche di Vergemoli, Toscana. Tossing the grains to separate shell flakes is proof that manual labour, pure nature and traditional way of living make people happy. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°59’47.4”N 10°25’28.1”E; Fabbriche di Vergemoli, Toscana. Federico’s old mill where stone grinders are still powered by water. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°59’47.4”N 10°25’28.1”E; Fabbriche di Vergemoli, Toscana. Signor Frati checks out who is talking to his wife Carla about the house next door, which is offered for one euro. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°59’47.4”N 10°25’28.1”E; Fabbriche di Vergemoli, Toscana. Stonework landscape next to Ponte della Dogana. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°59’47.1”N 10°25’40.0”E; Fabbriche di Vergemoli, Toscana. Ponte della Dogana and stone houses across the creek. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


44°00’44.5”N 10°35’05.4”E; Colle, Toscana. Snowy night in town of Bagni di Lucca. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°04’28.2”N 11°02’16.7”E; Boccheggiano, Toscana. Pouring a glass of Montecucco to celebrate International Women’s Day in frozen and snow covered ToscanaLimited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°03’16.2”N 10°53’19.8”E; near Boccheggiano, Toscana. La bella vista: typical Tuscan landscape and untypical cold spring. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°04’26.5”N 10°55’16.6”E; near Boccheggiano, Toscana. Aurelio, why are you still cooking at 77?– rephrasing the name of Aurelio’s own recipe book ”Io continuo a cucinare cosi…”  Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°07’48.7”N 11°01’01.2”E; Montieri, Toscana. Village centre at midnight. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°07’50.1”N 11°00’58.3”E; Montieri, Toscana. Chef Beppe puts up a pizza making show for little visitors of his Pizzeria il BaccanaleLimited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°07’51.3”N 11°00’58.0”E; Montieri, Toscana. Piazza Antonio Gramsci and Palazzo Comunale in rain. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°07’51.3”N 11°00’58.0”E; Montieri, Toscana. Architect Paolo Chialli, who lives in the village and supervises reconstruction projects, at work in his office. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°05’22.4”N 11°02’05.3”E; Boccheggiano, Toscana. Massimo and his son Simone – owners of La Bottega di Lolini e Bianciardi, pose with their specialty products. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°08’36.5”N 10°50’40.7”E; Monterotondo Marittimo, Toscana. Matured in hay pecorino cheese held by his creator Mario. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°08’36.5”N 10°50’40.7”E; Monterotondo Marittimo, Toscana. Mario Tanda, whose family farm is powered by geothermal energy and only uses milk from their own 1000 sheep flock. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°09’13.6”N 11°04’58.1”E; Chiusdino, Toscana. Standing next to God: scalpellino Michele Bruni creates his Eva. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°07’47.4”N 11°01’00.1”E; Montieri, Toscana. Two storey part of this medieval house is in need of new owner. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°07’47.4”N 11°01’00.1”E; Montieri, Toscana. Free bicycle for new owner of the place. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


43°07’45.3”N 11°00’56.6”E; Montieri, Toscana. Pathway to San Giacomo Apostolo which was built in XIII century. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°39’30.2”N 14°40’17.5”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. Regalbuto as seen between two stone walls of a farmhouse. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°39’30.2”N 14°40’17.5”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. Historic centre of the town. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°39’08.4”N 14°38’27.6”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. Municipal Palace, a researcher historian is being watched by Gian Filippo Ingrassia – XVI century star of medicine, while working with archival book. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°38’58.9”N 14°38’27.0”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. Chiesa di Santa Maria la Croce (facade). Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°39’09.1”N 14°38’27.6”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. Chiesa di San Basilio (interior). Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°39’09.1”N 14°38’27.6”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. Not so simple job sweeping floors of San Basilio under the most powerful, yet forgiving supervision from above. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°39’10.1”N 14°38’31.0”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. Reality check: ruins and natural beauty so close to each other. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°39’08.3”N 14°38’33.5”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. Ready for reconstruction, which starts with cost of un espressoLimited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°39’08.3”N 14°38’33.5”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. They just left… everything behind. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°39’06.0”N 14°39’19.3”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. Morning Etna: view from Rocca dei Saraceni Agriturismo. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


37°38’58.9”N 14°38’27.0”E; Regalbuto, Sicily. Andrea, the best tour guide, who doesn’t speak English, but volunteers at the local tourist office, at his desk with pictures from Regalbuto’s Carnival. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper 


40°40’00.3”N 16°36’39.5”E; Matera, Basilicata. Layers of Matera: Sasso Barisano, Zona Centro, cieliLimited Edition photo print on lustre paper


40°40’00.3”N 16°36’39.5”E; Matera, Basilicata. Nonna di Sasso invites for a walk. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


40°39’55.5”N 16°36’35.0”E; Matera, Basilicata. Conservatorio Statale di Musica holds the poster: Matera is the European Cultural Capital 2019. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper


40°22’33.2”N 16°26’47.9”E; Craco, Basilicata. Craco: a once powerful city, now a ghost town and movie set. Limited Edition photo print on lustre paper