On the Waves (book)

Dedicated to my father and everyone we lost in the waves.

This is a story about life. Mainly about life in 2020 during the world war with a new invisible enemy and its waves – virtual or real, natu- ral or artificial, ferocious or manageable – there are many opinions and I have no interest in digging up the truth, because my narrative conveys very different idea.
The main part of my photo story is devoted to Italy, neither because it was the first EU country hit by the storm nor because the hit was the hardest, but because the Life itself decided so and I came here not long before the start of the tragedy and then returned to stay in the midst of it.

At first in the fall of 2019 I was in Campania on one of its marvellous Neapolitan coasts in Sorrento – the city celebrated in an immortal song “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla. Then in Umbria – the “green heart” of Italy and birthplace of St. Francis.
On the way to Italy there were other countries and even continents, but they are present in this story not for the manifestation of my idea, but rather to preserve the chronology of events, increase the contrast and provide different perspective. And over the course of 2020 more Italian cities and regions were added to the palette of my picture because after all “All of Europe is for watching, but Italy is for living”, – said Nikolai Gogol who lived in Italy for several years and found here the inspiration to finish his famous story “The Greatcoat”.

And so the key word in this story is Life.
The “waves” were not able stop its kaleidoscope filled with faces, emotions, kisses, hugs, competitions, feasts, music, light and free spirit. The “waves” made it vividly clear that Life will still continue on this planet as long as there is pure reason and love, which exists in all its manifestations: to people or objects, nature and animals, air and sky, babies and kids, to sports or leisure, lovemaking, crafts, habits, books, arts, music, food and everything else that is the Life itself!


**Presented here are selected photos from the book.