Stories behind images

Great image is a story in its own and it can indeed say many words. But there is still a story behind every such image. Long or short, rational or spontaneous, emotional or plain – there is always one. That’s why I’ve started this page – to share the stories behind my images from One Euro Italy project.

Image 1. 43°30’38.2”N 12°50’56.2”E; Cabernardi, Le Marche
Machinery hall of abandoned sulphur mine lies in ruins being slowly taken over by mother nature. 

Developed back in 1887 it was once a very modern sulphur mining site in the region of Marche, which operations were ceased in 1963. Only a few steps from the old miners village of Cantarino, but completely hidden in the forest was this ruin of mining machinery hall. Standing there on that summer afternoon, looking and trees and grass growing through and on this building, watching deers running in the bush, I was fascinated by the resilience of nature. It occurred to me that if the mankind takes it over at some point, nature takes it back as soon as we leave. Yes, it needs some time to do it, but it is inevitable. This feeling of inevitable take over by nature made me compose this rather unbalanced image, where the building is almost falling down.