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Stories Behind Images 2

Image 2. 43°30’42.2”N 12°50’35.4”E; Cantarino, Le Marche.                                                                                                                                                                                         Ninety one […]

Stories behind images

Great image is a story in its own and it can indeed say many words. But there is still a story behind every such image. Long or short, rational or spontaneous, emotional or plain – there is always one. That’s why I’ve started this page – to share the stories behind my images from One Euro Italy project. Image 1. 43°30’38.2”N 12°50’56.2”E; Cabernardi, Le Marche Machinery hall of abandoned sulphur mine lies in ruins being slowly taken over by mother nature.  Developed back in 1887 it was once a very modern sulphur mining site in the region of Marche, which operations […]